PLAYAK Festival 2000

Club PLAYAK's first ever event, the PLAYAK festival 2000, took place in famous Bremgarten, Switzerland, on August 19-20.

A "Soulboating gettogether" we classified it: no rodeo contest, no stress, but rather an international party for about 120 people from NL, IE, CH, FR, IT, UK, DE (in no particular order :-) We did have a fun-contest in which we tied kayaks together and tested if they could still do 360s. Some of them actually could and the winners got some nice prizes sponsored by Bluewin.

Registration was free and all registrants received some free goodies from PLAYAK wear and Bluewin: caps, umbrellas, key holders and lots of "special cigarette filters" were distributed to all who registered. We had a limited amount of goodies, so the existing Club PLAYAK members (more than 60 already) got the first choice.....

The festival took place one week before the Eurocup finals in Thun (also Switzerland), so people could warm up for the finals by playing on the 2 great waves in Bremgarten, paddling some heavy stuff in Switzerland and generally having a good time together.

Thanks to all who joined the party!

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